Hello, my name is Janani Barath and I live in Bangalore, India.

In the year 2011, I started my journey online by helping people offer puja at Garbarakshambigai Temple and regular archanai’s at Thirunallar Temple. Most people who requested for puja to be conducted on their behalf were NRI’s and over a period of time, we became friends. Soon one thing led to another and I was helping most of them living outside India to source Indian Statues and Puja Items. I decided then to establish Shivani Crafts as a separate business entity.

Since 2011 Shivani Crafts are dealers in the finest collection of wooden handcrafted sculptures and silverware puja items.

Our sculptures and silverware have been in great demand by collectors and interior designers across the world as they add elegance to any décor thanks to their beauty, intricacy and artistic mastery. Every one of our sculptures is handcrafted by skilled artisans ensuring no two sculptures are exactly identical.

Each of these beautiful sculptures of Indian deities has a story of their own and our customers have told us that these pieces are sure to draw attention and evoke praise from everyone who looks at them.

At Shivani Crafts, I and every one of my team members, commit to the following:

• We handpick every piece and we promise to deliver beauty to our customers unfailingly.

• I am dedicated to making sure that your interaction with us pleasant and hassle-free. We are committed to providing delight.

• We always make a fair deal with the artisans who sell their craft to us. Many of the artisans are languishing due to the difficult circumstances in which they practice their art. We promise to make a fair deal with every artisan every time.

We will be happy to provide any other details that you require regarding our company or the story of the artisans who have crafted these sculptures. Please do write to us so we can share more information with you.

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