Spectacular Dancing Nataraja in Sandalwood

Nataraja  The Lord of Dance, is a depiction of the Hindu God Shiva, as the cosmic dancer who performs his divine dance to destroy a weary universe. This statue depicts Nataraja dancing on the on the demon of ignorance. He dances in the flaming halo, which symbolizes the cosmos.
By beating on a drum with his right hand, he summons a new creation. His left foot symbolizes liberation.

The definition and the intricate details of this piece carved from sandalwood are simply breath-taking and this photograph does not do it justice.

The richness and the aroma of this wood cannot be explained in words. Statues sculpted from this wood were owned by kings and heads of states. Sandalwood is also used extensively in religious practices as it is seen as on offering fit for the Gods.

This wood will retain its fragrance for decades and is so sought after that it is now becoming very rare and difficult to find.

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