The Mordern Ganesha

Meet the modern and elegant Ganesha carved from Shivani Teak wood standing on one foot and holding out his hand in the Abhaya Mudra.

The Abhaya Mudra signifies that a devotee has nothing to fear from this benevolent God.

This sculpture breaks away from tradition as this Ganesha wears a round symbol on his forehead instead of the typical symbol of Shaivism – the three horizontal stripes.

Shivani Teak Wood: This wood is used as a substitute for sandalwood. Though this wood does not have the fragrance or medicinal properties of sandalwood, its richness closely imitates that of sandalwood. The timber of this wood is highly esteemed in south India. This is a perfect substitute for people who wants idols that are very similar to Sandalwood.

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